Adapted Music Lessons

If traditional music lessons aren’t ideal, opt for adapted lessons from Pure Progression, where our goal is to reduce the stress associated with musical instruction.
We offer adapted music lessons for piano, guitar, ukulele, bass, singing, music theory and more! This is a great way to help those with a desire to learn to play an instrument or access music better but who may not work well in a traditional music lesson setting. We use adapted materials and techniques to reduce anxiety and stress and ensure a successful experience. Our adapted music lessons are for any age and ability!

“There is a huge difference between simply having a music instructor and having a therapeutic music instructor. I loved working with Pure Progression Music Therapy. They beyond met my expectations."

How Adapaive Music Lessons Can Help

Work on academic concepts such as colors, numbers, and letters while learning an instrument!

For those with high anxiety it eases the pressure of traditional music lessons.

We find easy and accessible ways to have success in playing a song of your choice!

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