Group Sessions

For group sessions as a family or in a clinical setting, music therapy provides a way for participants to connect with one another. We work with residential treatment centers, hospitals, schools, and more.
Group music therapy helps the clients connect with one another and work together. Group goals and objectives are achieved through music therapy interventions. Respect for each other, self-expression, and social skills are some of the goals developed in sessions. Being a part of a group with similar needs can provide a great support for clients to relate to others in meaningful ways.

"I feel better motivated and uplifted. I feel like I can do anything and like it's really helping me out.”

How Group Sessions Can Help

Lyric analysis is a comfortable way for group members to express themselves and receive validation about experiences or emotions without a need to use words themselves.

Individuals with low self-esteem can increase in self-image and self-love through the music therapy experience.

Impulse control can be improved and developed through music making in a group setting.

Community can be found in group music therapy sessions through sharing personal experiences that group members can relate to and may have experienced in similar ways.

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