Individual Sessions

Whether in your home or our studio, individual and family music therapy sessions change lives. We have seen music therapy benefit people living with anxiety, depression, sleep disorders, and more.
Individual therapy is a great avenue of reaching the individualized goals & objectives determined from an assessment. Goals are based on client needs and are continually reviewed to ensure correct progress is being made. One-on-one services with the therapist creates a more intimate environment for growth and helps the client feel more comfortable and confident in the therapeutic process.

"We tried everything we could think of to help my daughter. Nothing was helping and it all felt like a waste of time and money. With the first session there was so much progress. I teared up because it was such a weight on me trying to find a way to help her and I was witnessing success right before my eyes."

How Individual Sessions Can Help

Learning how to connect with music or an instrument can be a great coping skill for individuals dealing with addiction.

People with anxiety and depression can use songwriting to help process feelings and express emotions.

Music improvisation can help clients with autism become more flexible, self-aware and present, which can create better social skills.

Communication can be improved for clients with developmental delays through singing and vocalization exercises.

And more!

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